I am happy, if my music and photo make your relax.

First Album PV.     music & piano & photo  by Asako Motoki


Theme is Japanese nature.  Slowly piano music .







                        Asako Motoki   Japan


I learned piano when I was high school student for 1.5 years.


I played the clarinet in brass band club when i was Yamagata university (course: humanities, the Faculty of Literature).

I practiced the song that written by Russian in old times. Then, I feel that " something different ! Unnatural ! I want to play with more more feel fine,and with my mind !...and chord ! "



And after, I researched chord, rhythm, speed, and movement that I feel fine.


I thought that which more better feeling.

① make score (and play)

② play the feeling at the time


I recording 2way (①and②), and select ②(feeling at the time), and important valu that born tone, at the moment.


And my music style become Japanese taste, about no melody, about no beat.


I had my important question for a long time "My mind be bright when I see and feel beautiful nature. " Those are "emotion" "refresh" "relax", but I think those are more lively, fresh, moisture !

I decided to make theme those.


And..... I interested in folklore ( Japanese custom, belief, a sense of beauty...especially『MAKURANOSOUSHI』)

So, I selected folklore course,in college.

Then I knew animism, nature worship.(god live in nature)


" Beauty of flower and nature "


" Beauty of moment that be born "

in my mind ! and I made my music.